FARFALLA Tonka Pampering Bliss Cream 美顏霜

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Be Beautiful, Bliss Cream 30ml

美顏霜 30ml

這面霜含有印加堅果及Tonka果,富含歐米茄3 , 另有玫瑰胡椒,可增強皮膚的”喜悅激素”(多巴胺),從而使膚色自然美麗。有機乳木果油以及從香草,可可,安息香和佛手柑中獲得的天然養份可保護皮膚免受自由基侵害。臉霜有天然的甜美香氣。


  • 在清潔和爽膚後,塗在皮膚上。
  • 加強修護效果:在臉霜中添加一泵有機橙花純露,在手掌中混合 , 按摩臉上。

This cream contains stimulating ingredients such as inca nuts, that are rich in omega 3, and rose pepper that boosts the skin’s feel-good hormones (dopamine), which in turn ensures a beautiful complexion. Organic shea butter alongside essential oils obtained from vanilla, cocoa, benzoin and bergamot protects the skin against free radicals and exude a wonderfully sweet scent.


  • Apply to the skin at night, or when needed, after cleansing and toning.
  • For an invigorating and pampering effect: Add one spray pump of Organic Orange Blossom Hydrosol to the cream and mix in the palms of your hands.


  • For a boost in moisture, add a dab of Aloe Vera Moisturising Allover Gel to the cream and blend.
Consistency : Cream
Application : 24-Hour Moisturisers
Product Type: Face Creams
Skin Type: For all Skin Types
Brands: farfalla
Content by Ethos : Vegan
Certficates: NaTrue


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